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TritonWear is closing the gap between athletes and coaches by providing solutions to teams that grant insight into true performance and ultimately empower coaching. The first solution, the Triton, is a small wearable device for competitive swim teams.


  • Make training smarter and more insightful so the athlete knows what to focus on
  • Allow coaches to do this easily for many swimmers (30-100)
  • Make training more fun and competitive among the athletes


  • Novel, wearable device (sits comfortably under the swimmer's cap) that tracks more than 8 metrics including speed, stroke, breathes, and distance per stroke
  • Mobile application (iOS & Android) for the coaches to view workouts and collect data in real-time in the pool while the athletes are swimming
  • Responsive web application for the athletes to review their workouts, encourage their teammates and monitor their training load (to prevent injury)



  • The first-ever swimming wearable device capable of accurately building the athlete's workout in real-time
  • Saved the coaching team and athletes countless hours of tracking data themselves
  • Improved athletes' performance by pinpointing where their stroke and race strategy needed work